Berries make two sounds. Squish (most berries) and crack (coconuts).

At colourberry we take pride and work hard in maintaining a pristine image quality on every project.  This starts with camera selection then progresses through lens selection, filtration, file quality, camera handling and then throughout the edit workflow maintaining uncompressed file handling as standard.  Whether a project is destined for the big screen or the web, our capture and workflow is the same providing the very best image quality possible.



From location, to lighting, to the lenses on the camera, to post-production, we take meticulous care over every detail to ensure expectation exceeding results.


Live Action filming sits at the tip of the spear in our creative process.


In pre-production we work to create a concept, script and storyboard to perfectly meet your brief. Then bringing those ideas to life, utilising the talents of our in-house production team. From location sourcing to casting and everything in between, pre-production puts the pieces in place for smooth running of any film shoot.


Filming on the latest cutting-edge camera equipment means that we’re able to deliver the perfect look for any film.  Along with an array of extras to add the sparkle to your project like motion control and timelapse. So if you want an aerial shot swooping over a beach, we can do it. And if your want to film a tennis superstar serving in super slow motion, we can do that too.


Our primary record format is SLOG2 4K PRORESHQ  (4 x full HD resolution).



Colour grading is one of our favourite processes in a production.  Whether you require a one-light, best-light or a full colour correction service on single shots or entire projects, you can be confident that your creative and technical goals are realised at Colourberry.


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Ph. 1300 400 315

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